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Better Safe than Sorry: A SAS® Macro to Selectively Back Up Files
By Jia Wang and Zhengyi Fang

Facing the Recession:How Did Safety-Net Hospitals Fare Financially Compared with Their Peers
By Kristin L. Reiter, H. Joanna Jiang, and Jia Wang

Abbreviation Creation and Use: Loading an Abbreviation File
By M. Chris Moser, Ed Heaton and Russ Lavery

An Assembler Written in SAS®
By Ed Heaton

Building Efficient State Transition Diagrams from Charges, Collection and Call Detail Transactional Feeds
By Brett C Peppe

Charting your Course: Charts and Graphs for IT Projects
By Dawn Li and Gary McQuown

By Gary McQuown

Data Set Options: Beyond DROP, KEEP, RENAME, and WHERE
By Sarah Woodruff and Ed Heaton

Dynamic Web-Enabled Data Collection
By S. David Riba (Jade Tech, Inc.)

The Essential Meaning of PROC MEANS: A Beginner’s Guide to Summarizing Data Using SAS® Software
By Andrew H. Karp (Sierra Information Services, Inc.) and Gary McQuown

Exceptional Exception Reports
By Gary McQuown

Formats to the Rescue Presentation in PPT
By Gary McQuown

Functional Functions
By Gary McQuown and Dorothy Brown

Getting from What, to How, and Back to What Recognizing and Measuring Professional Diversity .Or: The Other Side Of The SAS® [1] / IT Shop
By Alan Mann 

Keeping Your Data in Step – Utilizing Efficiencies
By Mike Sadof (MGS Associates, Inc.)

Macros from Beginning to Mend: A Simple and Practical Approach to the SAS® Macro Facility
By Mike Sadof

Many-to-Many Merges in the DATA Step
By Ed Heaton 

PROC IMPORT with a Twist
By Gary McQuown and Brett C Peppe

Optimizing Overly Complex SQLQuery
By Gary McQuown 

SAS® Consultants: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing  Presentation in PPT
By Gary McQuown

SAS® Interviews or ‘How to Get a Second Date Presentation in PPT
By Gary McQuown

SAS® Macros – A Practical Hands-on Approach
By Mike Sadof

SAS® Macros Are the Cure for Quality Control Pains  Presentation in PPT
By Gary McQuown
This paper won SUGI 2004’s Best Paper Award (In Data Warehousing, Management and Quality Section)

SAS® PROS and CONS: PROfits, PROfessionals, PROviders, PROmoters, CONtracts, CONsulting and CONjobs
By Gary McQuown

SAS® Systems Options are Your Friends in Proceedings of the SAS Users Group International Conference, 2003
By Ed Heaton 

SPM at 1 A.M.
By Gary McQuown and Brett C Peppe 

So, Your Data are in Excel!
By Ed Heaton
This paper won SUGI 2006’s Best Paper Award (In Application Development Section) 

A View Toward Performance Presented at the Southeast SAS Users Group Conference, 2010
By Ed Heaton   

Using Arrays, Formats and Macros to Unbundle Medicaid Fraud Presented at NESUG 2008
By Gary McQuown and John Zheng  

Using the SAS® DATA Step and PROC SQL to Create Macro Arrays
By Stuart Long and Ed Heaton

Working with Missing Values
By Ed Heaton and Michelle Zhuang

%WINDOW: SAS® Diamond In the Rough
By Alan Mann


These papers have been presented at various SAS Users Groups conferences and professional associations.

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