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We have listed a few sample projects here. For more information or other projects, please email [email protected].
Medicaid Fraud Detection and Research for HHS
DAS has been contracted to serve HHS in Medicaid fraud detection and research. The task includes investigating, collecting and designing algorithms for fraud detection, waste and abuse, and building a library of best practices for long-term fraud detection efforts at the federal level. The project will help improve federal health care services and impact states and Medicaid benefits beneficiaries.
Performance Management System for Evidence-Based Governance
DAS designed and implemented a web-based data-driven application that measures the billion dollar acquisitions and department level performance of a major government agency within DHS. The results are used daily by the senior management and officers through a “drill-down”, multi-page, color-coded Internet interface. The process updates over 200 metrics automatically as new data becomes available. Exception reports are automatically generated and the system notifies the user of unusual activity by email. Advanced coding techniques were used to work around issues with the new technology. We used Strategic Performance Management (SPM), SAS® Business Intelligence Suite, Information Delivery Portal, Web Report Studio, OLAP Cube Studio, Information Map Studio, SAS Management Console on SAS V9.13 Platform. The project was awarded the prestigious SAS Enterprise Intelligence Award in March 2006.
e-Learning Web Application for Program Evaluation: STEPS Toolkit
DAS designed and implemented a self-paced e-learning system called STEPS Toolkit. The web-based system is designed for use by health care professionals of the NGOs in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The e-learning application allows learners to log in and study the module content according to the user profile they select. At the center of the module material is a complex form called Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Tool. Learners are required to fill out a portion of the form as they go through each module. By the end of the last module, they will complete the entire form, thus having built their capacity for program evaluation. A CD-ROM version is also created for users without Internet connections. Currently only English and Spanish versions are available.
Prescription Drug Fraud and Abuse Detection Application
DAS was instrumental in developing a Prescription Drug Fraud and Abuse Detection Application that is currently used by US Drug Enforcement Agency. The application identifies and documents questionable transactions (prescriptions) and to analyze long-term behavior of physicians, pharmacists and patients as it relates to the sale and/or purchase of prescription drugs. Questionable activity contained within 3 billion transaction records is identified through segmentation, clustering, and comparative analytics. The process is also able to identify and document possible collusion between the parties. We also developed a “fuzzy merge” application to clean and match medical provider data to addresses.
SAS Predictive Modeling for a Government Agency
DAS performed data processing, modeling and analysis to estimate veteran population and geographic distribution. Results were used to allocate federal funding and were presented using SAS Graph and SAS Internet. Small number estimation and modeling, advanced graphics, and process automation were accomplished for the project. The objective of the task was to accurately project US Veteran populations on a county by county basis for the next 25 years. Estimations of those most likely to utilize the agency’s health care facilities on a county by county basis were also generated. Public data and proprietary data was utilized to perform the task. The results were presented to Congress as part of the budgetary process and for the determination of potential locations of future health care facilities for the agency. The system offers accurate, timely, and predictive information for budgetary management at the agency.
Powered by a Content Management System: A Redesigned Website
DAS customized a Content Management System for the redesign of a non-profit organization with about 10,000 members. The new dynamic website is well-organized, aesthetically appealing, and rich in functionality. Functions include registration, a forum, a blog, news submission by users, document management, galleries, and powerful search engine. More importantly, the content management system allows non-technical staff to work on the website without having to understand HTML and programming, thus ensuring the timely posting of news articles, press releases as well as other important information.
A Large Energy Company: Complex ETL and Automation for Electrical Use Analysis
DAS helped design, build and implement a data driven application that estimates long term (two years) electrical usage of commercial facilities to establish appropriate levels of pricing and electrical generation. Commercial facilities are assigned to a cohort according to the patterns of their historical energy usage. Future energy usage is estimated by projecting the associated pattern into the future while adjusting for reactions to long-term weather forecasts. DAS was responsible for the development and automation of extensive ETL processes for long term Estimation of Commercial Electrical Usage, System Development and System Automations and Risk Modeling.

To request more information, please email [email protected].