e-Learning Web Application for Program Evaluation: STEPS Toolkit

Category: Business Strategy, Cloud Hosting, Data Governance, Web Portals


HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Learning Management System (developed in Microsoft SQL Server)


DAS designed and implemented a self-paced e-learning system called STEPS Toolkit. The web-based system is designed for use by health care professionals of the NGOs in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The e-learning application allows learners to log in and study the module content according to the user profile they select. At the center of the module material is a complex form called Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Tool. Learners are required to fill out a portion of the form as they go through each module. By the end of the last module, they will have completed the entire form, thus having built their capacity for program evaluation. A CD-ROM version was also created for users without Internet connections. Currently only English and Spanish versions are available.