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Washington, DC (Nov. 1, 2010): DAS won a five-year GSA contract to support the Treasury in debt data management, analysis and modeling.
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Data and Analytic Solutions, Inc.
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Founded in 2000, Data and Analytic Solutions, Inc. (DAS), a CMMI Level 2 assessed, SBA Woman-Owned small business, has been providing superior, affordable, and innovative solutions to government agencies and corporations in the greater Washington DC/Baltimore area and nationwide. Our mission is to solve clients’ problems with innovative and interdisciplinary solutions and approaches by integrating various sources bridging business and technology.  Our solutions include data and statistical analytics, program integrity, CRM, system automation for analytics, communication and outreach,  e-learning and instructional systems design, web portals and content management systems, configuration management and full life cycle development.

Our senior staff and consultants possess about 20 years of professional experience in their area of expertise, having served Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Our company excels at providing evidence-based and data driven support in your decision making.  By integrating data regardless of size or structure, we identify recurring patterns, build metrics and implement integrated analytics systems that provide value, optimization and cost advantages.  At DAS, we have found that making our clients successful in obtaining their goals translates into making our company successful in obtaining our goals. DAS’s work at United States Coast Guard won the prestigious 2006 SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Award.  We are selected as a 2009 Top 100 MBE Award winner in the Mid Atlantic region for our innovative services, growth and commitment to our communities. 

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News and Awards 

Washington, DC (April 7, 2016): DAS has received several long-term contracts from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) supporting their data analytics, dashboard development, and financial risk management. 

Baltimore, MD (April 1, 2016): DAS will continue to provide support to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on their Health Professional Shortage Area Physical Bonus Program providing data analysis using GIS and mapping tools.      

Washington, DC (October 1, 2015): DAS won a contract with US Sentencing Commission to support its Oracle data extraction and warehousing. 

Washington, DC (September 15, 2015) DAS received a continuation contract with Treasury to support its fiscal services department with debt collection improvement services. 

Baltimore, MD (October 1, 2014): DAS will support the Unified Case Management efforts as a subcontractor for CMS Centers for Program Integrity working in areas of program support, systems development, security assessment, training, and technical writing.

Crystal City, VA (October 1, 2014): DAS received a contract from Veteran Affairs to support the management and data analysis efforts. Several DAS staff provide services both in Crystal City VA and St. Louis, MO.  

Washington, DC (October 1, 2014): DAS was contracted by SEC to support efforts in Business Process Analysis and Knowledge Management.  DAS works with partner Oculus Group who has extensive system experience at the agency. 

Washington, DC (October 1, 2014): DAS won two task orders from SEC QRADS IDIQ Work Category 2 to support the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA).  Services include quantitative analytics, capital market and financial sector data analysis, design and maintenance services.  The task orders support DERA with dashboard development and Credit Default Swap data analysis.  

Arlington, VA (June 19, 2014): DAS has been contracted by E*TRADE  to provide consulting services in SAS programming, code optimization,  efficiency, and training to achieve process improvement,  cost reductions, and high quality performance.

Washington, DC (October 27, 2013): DAS was among the few companies that won the full and open SEC Quantitative Research Analytical Data Support (QRADS) IDIQ.  Services under this IDIQ include quantitative analytics, text analytic support, capital market and financial sector data analysis, technical writing, and database design and maintenance support services for the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA) analytical development environment.  DAS will support Work Category 2 Quantitative Analytic Support working closely with SEC’s DERA.  

Rockville, MD (September 26, 2013): DAS and its subcontractor Cahaba Safeguard Administrators (CSA) was awarded the contract, Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) Strike Force Data Analysis Facilitation and Enhancement and Outreach/Education Compendium Initiative for CMS Centers for Program Integrity. Services under this contract include developing and updating Investigative Guides/Data Templates; collecting and categorizing instructional knowledge and training; creating a central repository for easy access to documents gathered and developed; developing, implementing, and analyzing the satisfaction survey created for agency partners; and creating a project overview presentation.  

Rockville, MD (December 27, 2012): DAS will support Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) as a Subcontractor for DHS Technical, Acquisition, and Business Support Services (TABBS) Domain 1, Track 1 in Project Management, Engineering and Technology Services. DAS will also work with PotomacWave Consulting, Inc. (PW) as a Subcontractor for DHS TABBS (IDIQ) Contract for Domain 2, Track 2 Business Management, Financial Management, and Audit Support. Administered by DHS, TABBS is a strategic-sourcing contract vehicle designed to provide all DHS components with specialized services to support their mission. It is available to any DHS contracting officer via a rapid, decentralized ordering process.    

Washington, DC (August 29, 2012): DAS has been contracted by US Department of Agriculture to provide advanced analytics support to help safeguard our nation's food supply.  We will provide support in data and statistical analysis across the program areas of Food Safety and Inspection Service.  

Baltimore, MD (August 15, 2012): DAS has been contracted by CMS to provide evaluation and administrative services to Medicare Part A to Part B claims Rebilling Demonstration Project. This rebilling demonstration allows providers to resubmit claims for inpatient services which were medically necessary but provided in a medically unnecessary/inpatient location, for payment of 90% of the Part B services.

Rockville, MD (August 15, 2012): DAS has acquired a new office suite in the heart of Rockville, MD to be close to some of our clients. The address is 5840 Hubbard Drive, Rockville, MD.  

Washington, DC (Aug 18, 2011): DAS has been named as an awardee for the General Services Administration (GSA) for its 8(a) STARS (Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services) II GWAC (Government-wide Acquisition Contract).  The 8(a) STARS II GWAC is designed to promote small business utilization when purchasing information technology (IT) services or IT services-based solutions for the federal government.  Industry partners were chosen for this contract who could demonstrate competitive pricing, technical proficiency, and industrial credentials.  DAS currently delivers on direct Agency Prime contracts. As a Prime 8(a) contractor, this GWAC adds to the portfolio of solutions that DAS makes available to our Federal customers. Accessing DAS via the 8A STARS II vehicle assists federal agencies in meeting directives around strategy, technology and operations.  

Washington, DC (March 16, 2011) - Dr. Dawn Li, President of DAS, was named one of the 50 Women of Influence and Power by Minority Enterprise Executive Council.  MEA Magazine hosted the award luncheon celebration at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel honoring successful women business leaders across the United States. 

Fairfax, VA (Dec. 2, 2010):  DAS has established a PMO (Project Management Office) for best practices in software development and has achieved Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) for Development (DEV) Level 2 Certification for Software Development.  Developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU), CMMI®-DEV v1.2 is a process improvement model for the development of products and services, implementing best practices throughout the lifecycle from requirement analysis to design and implementation to testing and maintenance.  

Washington, DC (Dec. 1, 2010): US Sentencing Commission has selected DAS for the development of interactive web-based system for its statistical publications.  This system will achieve the Commission’s vision to enhance its capacity to disseminate information on federal sentencing statistics, circuit and district-based sentencing information, trends in federal sentencing statistics, and other relevant knowledge that may benefit federal, state, and local criminal justice systems and help fulfill the Commission's statutory obligations to disseminate information about federal sentencing practices.   

Washington, DC (Nov. 1, 2010): DAS has won a five year GSA contract to support the Treasury in debt data managment, analysis and modeling. We will work with LexisNexis for batch data processing and interactive skip tracing strategies.  The goal of the contract is to improve debt collections by obtaining more and accurate data through skip tracing, data scrubbing, updating debtor status and debt scoring, as well as, using best practice collection strategies.   

Silver Spring, MD (Sept. 13, 2010): Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. (SSS) has extended two subcontracts for DAS. One is the Data Management and Computer Programming Support subcontract with Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the other is the Data Collection and Analytic Report Development contract for Maryland Health Care Commission. DAS supports SSS in SAS programming for surveys and health care quality and disparity research and coordination for national programs.  

Washington, DC (Aug. 26, 2010): DAS has formed a mentor-protégé relationship through DHS with SGIS that provides innovative technology-focused services and solutions to primarily DoD and DHS clients. More information about SGIS can be found at   

McLean, VA (Dec. 7, 2009): DAS will work with a leading marketing firm to provide marketing, translation, and video production support to promote Medicare benefits to the Chinese American communities in the US for the CMS.  

Adelphi, MD (Nov. 15, 2009): DAS has been selected to receive the prestigious 2009 Top 100 MBE Award in the Mid Atlantic Region for its entrepreneurship, client satisfaction, professional and community contributions.  A panel of distinguished judges chose DAS from fourteen hundred nominations.  The host organizations are:  The Center for Business Inclusion and Diversity (CBID); the University of Maryland University College (UMUC); Southwest Airlines; Maryland’s Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs; greiBO media, and The Parren J. Mitchell Foundation for Talent and Education.  DAS President and Co-Founder Dr. Dawn Li received Maryland Governor's Citation for her dedication in the pursuit of excellence for business and family and community.     

Suitland, MD (Sept. 22, 2009):  The U.S. Bureau of the Census (BOC) awarded DAS a contract to support the American Community Survey (ACS) in data extraction and matching.   DAS will work with its partner LexisNexis Risk Solutions to accomplish the task.  

Fairfax, VA (Sept. 09, 2009): DAS has been contracted by a large firm supporting Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for data warehousing and business intelligence services. Our consultants are tasked to design and develop the technical architecture needed to research, analyze, and identify immigration benefit fraud.

San Diego, CA (July 09, 2009): San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), University of California, San Diego contracted DAS to provide services for a critical government project for hands-on SAS training and SAS system audit to improve accuracy, optimization and efficiency.

Silver Spring, MD (May 15, 2009): DAS will work as a subcontractor with Social and Scientific Systems, Inc. (SSS) who won the recompete of the Data Management and Computer Programming Support contract with the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The contract involves supporting AHRQ's print and Web-based data dissemination efforts.  AHRQ publications include Chartbooks, Research findings, and Statistical Briefs; peer-reviewed journal articles written by  AHRQ researchers; and presentations made by AHRQ researchers in professional meetings.

Houston, TX (Jan. 10, 2009): DAS is contracted to work with its long-term partner Smith Hanley Consulting Inc. on several assignments providing data analytics and compliance support for large pharmaceutical companies.  

New York, NY (Dec. 16, 2008): Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) has renewed the contract with DAS to provide continued services on the STEPS Toolkit, an e-Learning web-based application designed for healthcare professionals.  DAS designed and implemented the bilingual e-Learning application for the agency in 2006.

Fairfax, VA (Sept. 29, 2008): The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) in Washington DC contracted DAS to perform a Proof of Concept project to demonstrate the use of predictive modeling for offender recidivism and to perform enhancements to their existing business intelligence reporting and GIS capabilities. The contract will be performed through GSA Schedule 70 IT Services.

Washington, DC (Sept. 1, 2008): DAS is contracted to support the US Coast Guard with its Strategic Performance System that measures the performance of the mulit-year and multi-billion dollar Integrated Deepwater Program to modernize and replace the Coast Guard’s aging ships and aircraft, and improve command, control,  and logistics systems.

Baltimore, MD (Sept. 29, 2007): DAS has been contracted to support Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in Medicaid fraud detection and research. The task includes investigating, collecting and designing algorithms for fraud detection, waste and abuse, and building a library of best practices for long-term fraud detection efforts at the federal level. The project will help improve federal health care services and impact states and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Fairfax, VA (Sept. 29, 2007): DAS was contracted as a subcontractor to support TRICARE Management Activity with its Web Improvement Project. The project evaluates the website through focus group study, usability testing, and benchmarking reporting to improve on Customer Service and Communication.

San Francisco, CA  (March 27, 2006): DAS’s project with the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Coast Guard - the Strategic Performance Management Project -- won the SAS(r) Enterprise Intelligence Award at this year’s SAS Users Group International (SUGI) meeting in San Francisco.  The web-based data-driven system measures the billion dollar acquisitions and department level performance for the agency.