SAS Predictive Modeling for a Government Agency

Category: Data & Statistical Analysis, Data Mining, Data Processing & Validation



DAS performed data processing, modeling and analysis to estimate veteran population and geographic distribution. Results were used to allocate federal funding and were presented using SAS Graph and SAS Internet. Small number estimation and modeling, advanced graphics, and process automation were accomplished for the project.

The objective of the task was to accurately project US Veteran populations on a county by county basis for the next 25 years. Estimations of those most likely to utilize the agency’s health care facilities on a county by county basis were also generated. Public data and proprietary data was utilized to perform the task. The results were presented to Congress as part of the budgetary process and for the determination of potential locations of future health care facilities for the agency. The system offers accurate, timely, and predictive information for budgetary management at the agency.