Core Values

Respect: Always treating others as we’d want to be treated under similar circumstances.

We believe ethical behavior is paramount to our business, employees and clients. We respect diversity, honesty, fairness and individual rights.

Integrity: Being fair and honest builds trust and confidence in any situation.

Our reputation is everything. It is reflected in our work ethic, our transparency and how we treat our clients.

Accountability: Take responsibility for our own actions.

We at DAS believe we have an obligation to our clients to account for our activities, accept responsibility for results and acknowledge any issues in a transparent way.

Results: Achieving results through outstanding customer service. 

At DAS we are not finished until our clients are completely satisfied.

Excellence: Focusing for quality in everything we do.

At DAS we focus on our client’s needs. Through problem solving, teamwork and leadership, we exceed our clients expectations.   

Innovation: Encourage in innovation, adapt to change, and be willing to take risks. 

In order for us to be innovative, change is a necessary part of our culture. We believe in being flexible, refining our goals as the framework around us changes.

Team Work: Cooperate and work together for the common good of the people we serve and the organization’s mission. 

Collaboratively working together with our clients, partners and associates is necessary for all of our goals to be achieved. We develop relationships with our clients and make your best interests our own.

Competence: Demonstrate the skills needed to accomplish the tasks and thirst for knowledge and constant self-improvement. 

We pride ourselves in our combined abilities, skill sets and knowledge.

Mindfulness: Being aware of the environment, recognizing and connecting to the wholeness in ourselves and others to reduce stress, unlock creativity, and boost performance. 

We direct our full attention to all stakeholders who may be impacted by our actions. We draw on our proficiency to effect the positive change we would like to see in the world.